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SHHL Cohort Cup 2020

By SHHL, 12/17/19, 7:30PM MST



The SHHL Cohort Cup

At this time, the current plan is to run the winter season in three separate sessions, or "mini seasons".  These 3 mini seasons will allow us the ability to re-seed divisions. This will essentially offer the same duration of a winter season but at the same time allow teams to be moved into new divisions as required and by the end of the year achieve great balance going into the playoffs.  


After the first 8 game "mini season", which will be treated as a seeding round, teams will then have a two week gap period before the next season to allow the creation of new cohorts and re-seeding. During this break, each team will be provided with a schedule open ice time for team practice. Any other use of this ice time would require league approval.


Teams will then transition into the second 11 game "mini season" before a second break transitions them into playoffs. Any final re-seeding to provide parity in playoffs will be completed during this break. Playoffs will run as in tournament style with each team getting a minimum of 3 playoff games.


While we are aware this format provides a shorter than usual winter season (each team receiving 24 ice times), some of the benefits of this include:

  • Reduced fees
  • Ability to run divisions of 4 teams
  • Ability to re-seed teams

We would much prefer starting the season assuming restrictions and eventually increasing roster and division sizes (hopefully) than starting a season without restrictions and asking teams on short notice to trim rosters, pay full fees, and potentially play in much smaller divisions without re-seeding.

Alternate Third Jersey
We will also be including a set of custom designed alternate third jerseys for every team. Given this is a historical time in our lives, we want everyone to have a positive souvenir to look back on these crazy times. This jersey will be designed however you want with an "SHHL Cohort Cup 2020" patch.

The full package for a team registration will be $8700 and the payment schedule will be broken into several due dates to keep the payment per player to around the $110 mark. Fees will include player insurance and we can invoice players individually to remove the burden from you as GMs, if desired.  


We are giving you the option for a $500 discount if you do not want the alternate jersey set included but hope that everyone will be happy to get a souvenir jersey set that is being subsidized by the SHHL. It would be great to see everyone in their new jerseys for the playoffs!